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Human Systems Dynamics Institude (HSDi) is a small non-profit organization that claims to help individuals and organizations deal with complex change. HSD has become highly controversial within the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) community for a variety of reasons ranging from credentials and theory to financial accountability and conflict of interest.

Read the The Real West Valley Story to learn about the pivotal role HSD played in the reconstitution of West Valley Elementary in Sunnyvale, CA.

The information below serves to inform parents and taxpayers about HSD’s theory that is being applied within CUSD schools and the tax dollars spent on HSD services.

About Human Systems Dynamics Institute (HSDi)

  • HSC is a non-profit (501c3) organization with its official headquarters in a residential community located at 50 East Golden Lake Road, Circle Pines, MN 55014.
  • Founders Glenda Eoyang’s and Royce Holladay’s residence is listed under the same address as the HSD headquarters, according to Spokeo.
  • Founders Glenda Eoyang and Royce Holladay are sisters. A third sister, Leslie Patterson of Texas, is also involved in promoting HSD’s work.
  • Glenda Eoyang’s actual degree according to her PhD dissertation is “Doctor of Philosophy in Human Systems Dynamics.” Her PhD degree was received from the online university – Union Institute and University.
    • Glenda Eoyang received her Ph.D. in 2002, the same year that Union Institute & University was the subject of a Reauthorization Report by the Ohio Board of Regents for lack of rigor in the Ph.D. program. Students received credit based on life experience. The Union Graduate School Ph.D. program was closed, and the Ph.D. program was restructured shortly thereafter. Glenda Eoyang’s Ph.D. in Human Systems Dynamics does not exist today as a recognized field of study, but did become the name of her consulting company in 2003.
  • Check out Glenda Eoyang’s TED Talk about getting “Unstuck!”

Human Systems Dynamics “Associates”

  • Anyone who attends HSD professional certification training is listed as an “Associate.” According to HSD’s website, the course fee for certification is $5,000.
  • A directory of HSD Associates lists 508 Associates who have completed the HSD Certification Training.
    • HSD lists 83 Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) employees as Associates, including CUSD Board Members Phyllis Vogel and Anjali Kausar.
    • HSD lists 51 New Haven Union School District in Union City, CA employees as Associates.
      • New Haven was CUSD Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz’s previous employer. Her husband, Arlando Smith, is the current Superintendent of New Haven school district.
    • Combined, nearly 30% of HSD Associates come from New Haven and Cupertino school districts.
    • The remaining “HSD Associates” appear to be independent business consultants who engage in mutual self-promotion of books and consulting with HSD.
  • HSD encourages Associates to support HSD through sharing resources, promotion, and direct cash payments. “HSDP Associates of the Institute are asked to consider their use of HSD and the benefit to their work, determine a dollar amount for this value, and contribute 5% to the Institute on a quarterly basis.”

CUSD Superintendent’s Close Ties with HSD

CUSD Contracts with HSD

  • Rates for HSD based on CUSD contracts:
    • All services contracted with HSD specify one person, Royce Holladay
    • $250 per hour, $2,000 per day
    • $24,000 for HSD Cohort
    • $18,000 for management retreats
  • Agreement dated June 1, 2015 for $15,000 was originally for 3 months and then edited to include only the month of June 2015:
    • To “perform HSD cohort” providing no detail and no rate
    • Estimate from HSD was $9,725
    • $1,500 for flight, $1,500 for hotel, $6,000 for “my rate”
  • Agreement dated July 1, 2015 for $100,000 to “perform professional development and coaching throughout the district” for 1 year (7/1/15 to 6/30/16).
    • No detail on what “professional development and coaching” includes
    • No deliverables specified
    • No expected results specified

Amounts Paid to HSD by CUSD

The following amounts may increase as more information becomes available.

HSD Amounts Pd


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