Board Response to Cease and Desist Letter

On April 19, 2016, the CUSD Board President responded to a Cease and Desist letter (3/21/16) regarding alleged Brown Act violations. The body of the letter is pasted below. The actual letter can be found here.

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Why Are Teachers Leaving CUSD?

The topic of teacher housing was first discussed publicly at the March 22, 2015 CUSD Board meeting. After hearing a presentation from Chris Jew (Chief Business Officer), Board members expressed questions they want answered. In the end, they determined there’s one question that must be answered first, before taking further action — “Is there a need for teacher housing?” Continue reading

Luther School Site – What Is the Truth?

With Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz and the CUSD School Board, community members are often left wondering “what really happened”? They tell us one thing. Yet, the evidence we see is to the contrary. What are we to believe? The issue around teacher housing and the Luther School site is a recent example.

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Rebuttal to Superintendent’s Video

Recently, the Superintendent posted a video regarding the efforts of Concerned CUSD parents and their petition.

The video is part of an ongoing and systematic effort to disparage the sincere efforts and diminish the significant concerns of parents across the district. Rather than marginalizing parents, a true leader would directly address the petitioner’s concerns.  An effective superintendent would accept oncerns with humility and, without defensiveness or blame, engage in a genuine effort at rebuilding.  This video, in contrast, seeks to demoralize concerned parents and silence legitimate concerns. Continue reading

Superintendent Highlights Issues in Video

On Friday afternoon (4/8/16), the day before Spring Break, Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz sent a video to the entire CUSD parent community addressing numerous issues. The timing of the video was quite reminiscent of her LetterToParents, 6/11/2015 on the last day of school last year, announcing the upheaval of West Valley.

We would like to thank the Superintendent for so concisely articulating and bringing broad awareness to many of the CUSD issues in a way that we could not.

Superintendent’s Video, 4/8/16

Transcript of Superintendent’s Video, 4/8/16



CUSD Fingerprinting Policy May Be Unconstitutional

At the 3/22/16 CUSD Board meeting, a concerned parent spoke on behalf of the Biometric Awareness Group, regarding CUSD’s policy of fingerprinting parent volunteers. The statement  he delivered during the public comments section of the meeting is below. A video of his statement can be found here:  Fingerprinting Policies (Meyerholz Parent).


My name is Tow. I am a student’s parent at Meyerholz, and I volunteer at the school. It has been several months since I came to speak on behalf of a group of parents who oppose the policy of requiring fingerprints from parents who volunteer. We were glad to receive the one single response from Ms. Vogel, but the promises of a more welcoming environment have not been delivered and instead the administration has only made this policy more unreasonable, to the point where parents helping their own children one-on-one are being directed to be fingerprinted.

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