CUSD in Crisis!

Cupertino Union School District is in crisis again — or should we say, still. Since the abrupt and unjustified transfer of all West Valley Elementary teachers and staff last summer, the Superintendent and School Board have continued to conduct the public’s business behind closed doors without regard to concerns expressed by teachers, parents, or community members.

The following message was posted recently to community discussion groups:


It has been a turbulent year at CUSD. A group of concerned parents and community members will speak about various issues facing CUSD. Many parents are only aware of the issues affecting their school, but almost every school in our district is suffering from decisions made by this Administration which puts our children’s education in serious jeopardy.

Is CUSD in Crisis?

Issues facing CUSD:
* Conversion of Luther School to rental staff housing – What really motivated this? Vallco – Is the district promoting developer’s project?
* West Valley reconstitution – What really happened and is another school in line for reconstitution?
* Problems at Lincoln and other schools – Parent participation and volunteerism is at an all time low. Program canceled due a lack of volunteers. Many students transferred to private schools.
* Fundraising difficulties – CUSD sets the most strict rules for fundraising so that enrichment programs are already canceled or in danger of being canceled.
* Hostile environment negatively impacting student learning , teacher morale and ability to attract the best teachers.
* Fingerprinting – CUSD sets the most strict rules for fingerprinting. Is CUSD invading parents’ right unnecessarily?
* Pricey consultants from Minnesota – What’s the value of HSD to CUSD?
* 1-on-1 iPad – CUSD pushes 1-to-1 at all grade levels from K-8. Who does it benefit?
* Math Placement – CUSD makes math placement and curriculum decisions without consulting teachers and parents. Does CUSD value students or just computer scores?
* Special Education suffering – teacher shortage is at an all time low. CUSD cannot recruit special ed professionals when teacher morale is so low. Many students transferred out.
* Delayed construction and overrun construction cost in many school sites.


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