Protest at Board Meeting

Many parents and community members attending the 3/22/16 CUSD Board meeting expressed their lack of confidence in the Superintendent and displeasure with the Board’s lack of openness and transparency. Audience members held signs in silent protest, while many speakers called for the Superintendent’s resignation.

Below are links to videos during public comment.

What’s going on at Lincoln (Lincoln Parent

What West Valley Was (Student 2)

What West Valley is Now (Student 1)

West Valley: New Info about the events surrounding the Reconstitution (West Valley Parent)

West Valley: Current experience and No confidence in leadership (West Valley, CMS, Homestead Parent)

CUSD leadership’s relationship with developers (CUSD and CEEF volunteer, former employee)

Leadership is too cozy with developers (Hyde Parent)

Luther needs to have benefits not just viability (Hyde Parent) 

Luther: Still no answers (Hyde Parent)

Luther: Reasons for not moving forward (CUSD community member) 

Fingerprinting Policies (Meyerholz Parent)

True Leadership is more than lip service (CUSD community member) 


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