Brown Act Violations Notice

On March 4, 2016 a concerned parent sent the message below and notice of Brown Act violations to CUSD Board members.


Dear Board Members:

Please find attached a formal notice of Brown Act violations pertaining to your handling of the Luther School site. If these violations were made in error, I invite you to immediately cure and correct them.

The District’s dealing with the public regarding Luther School is very similar to how you dealt with the Reconstitution of West Valley Elementary. This time, we are prepared.

We will not allow the District to lead us to a predetermined outcome, while giving the illusion of taking public input. We will not be fooled into giving you feedback on surveys and plans, which only progresses your agenda. The District must cease and desist all activities related to the Luther School site and begin an open and transparent dialogue with the community.

We will not accept the Administration’s claim that teachers are supportive of its proposal and have chosen subsidized housing as the best alternative in coping with the area’s high cost of living. We want to hear from the Teachers directly.

We will not accept the Administration’s preliminary judgment that enrollment will continue to decline; the developed site will generate three times the revenue that it does currently; and neither the District’s General Fund nor public dollars will be used for the project. We want unbiased and thorough research and analysis to form our own conclusions.

We will not allow discussions, deliberations, and decisions regarding the Luther School site to be held behind closed doors. Nor will we allow the Board to delegate its job of governance to the Superintendent. We want the District to openly invite public opinion on this issue and make decisions only after all sides of the matter have been studied and all persons or groups affected have been consulted. We want the District to care more about establishing partnerships within the community than it does about controlling the message and preserving its image.

Trust is earned through deeds — not words.

Notice of Brown Act Violations, 3/4/16


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