Superintendent Responds To Teacher Survey

On April 4, 2016, CUSD Superintendent, Wendy Gudalewicz, responded to the results of the CEA Teacher Survey. Her full response is posted on the CEA website.

Superintendent Gudalewicz begins her letter with the following paragraph:

“I want to thank the CEA Executive Board for taking the time to develop and conduct such a thoughtful and thorough survey of its members. The survey will give me, and the District as a whole, the opportunity to address the needs of our certificated employees. Throughout the year, when issues have been brought to our attention by CEA, we have worked to meet the needs of our certificated staff, but clearly we have fallen short and that is not acceptable to me. When I came to Cupertino four years ago, I stated that it was my role to reduce the stressful environment educators are faced with everyday.”

The body of the letter lists adjustments and negotiations the Superintendent claims to have made in support of CEA and teachers.

Superintendent Gudalewicz closes her letter with the following paragraph:

“While all issues may not be able to be resolved due to outside forces (OCR, P.E. lawsuit, lack of appropriate instructional materials being provided by the State, etc.), I believe we can work together to reduce stress in the system. It breaks my heart to know some certificated staff members feel I am the cause of the stress and I am committed to working with you to reduce stress in the system.”

CUSD Community Members, please consider these points:

  • Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz in her response clearly stated her role and admitted failure in that role. She further said that falling short is not acceptable to her. If so, why is the Superintendent not offering her resignation for her own self-admitted failure and not living up to her own standards?
  • Superintendent Gudalewicz stated that it “breaks her heart” to know that some teachers feel she is the cause of their stress. Where was the Superintendent’s achy breaky heart last year when she abruptly and unjustifiably transferred all West Valley teachers and staff on the last day of school? She unilaterally ripped the hearts out of teachers, who in some cases, devoted their entire professional careers to serving the West Valley community; she ripped the hearts out of children who loved those teachers and the familiar faces they came back to year after year; she ripped the hearts out of parents who wretchedly watched it all happen and couldn’t do a thing about it; and she ripped the hearts out of generations of community members whose kids and grandkids experienced those same teachers.
  • A Public Records Act request exposed an email exchange between Superintendent Gudalewicz and a West Valley parent shortly after the mass transfer of teachers and staff. In the exchange, Superintendent Gudalewicz boasts of the far-reaching authority the Board has bestowed upon her:

“All hiring issues fall under my discretion. We have a board policy stating this and it is in my contract. Therefore, our Board never has to vote prior to hiring or transferring employees. Our Board can ratify after the fact. So, there was no Board action taken in closed or open session prior to these moves [at West Valley].” [6/29/15 Superintendent Email]

How can the Superintendent boast about the power and authority she wields over the teachers —  and yet does not understand how she can be the cause of their stress?

  • Remember that nearly 79% of CUSD teachers responded to the survey — that’s 740 teachers who risked their livelihood to stand up for themselves against authority. Survey results tell us that an overwhelming majority of teachers are extremely dissatisfied with Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz and the District. Do you believe that such widespread discontent among teachers happened without cause, or happened overnight?

Sign the CUSD Petition of No Confidence to save our schools and protect our children’s education.


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