CUSD Fingerprinting Policy May Be Unconstitutional

At the 3/22/16 CUSD Board meeting, a concerned parent spoke on behalf of the Biometric Awareness Group, regarding CUSD’s policy of fingerprinting parent volunteers. The statement  he delivered during the public comments section of the meeting is below. A video of his statement can be found here:  Fingerprinting Policies (Meyerholz Parent).


My name is Tow. I am a student’s parent at Meyerholz, and I volunteer at the school. It has been several months since I came to speak on behalf of a group of parents who oppose the policy of requiring fingerprints from parents who volunteer. We were glad to receive the one single response from Ms. Vogel, but the promises of a more welcoming environment have not been delivered and instead the administration has only made this policy more unreasonable, to the point where parents helping their own children one-on-one are being directed to be fingerprinted.

One issue that concerns us greatly, is something called Subsequent Arrest Notifications. This is a surveillance mechanism defined in the California Penal Pode, best used to track ex-convicts and prisoners out on parole. We know this is enabled by the mass collection of fingerprints, and we asked to what extent the school district uses this, as a hidden feature of fingerprinting. Unfortunately all our follow up messages to you have gone unanswered. Our requests to you for information under the Public Records Act have been repeatedly ignored.

We had no choice but to escalate and send the request to the Attorney General. The office of the Attorney General has replied, and confirmed that yes indeed, all parents who have been fingerprinted are now subject to this surveillance mechanism.

The continued imposition of this arbitrary and discriminatory policy is yet another instance of a culture of insidious secrecy and non-transparency being fostered in the district. It is an all-out assault on families’ rights under the Constitution’s 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th amendments.

Therefore on behalf of the families of the Biometric Awareness Group, we come in support of these other groups of parents investigating other issues, and call for the resignation or removal of the superintendent. To quote 2 words from the district policy, we ask you board members to take to heart the rights and interests of your constituents EVEN BRIEFLY.


Sign the CUSD Petition of No Confidence to save our schools and protect our children’s education.


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