Rebuttal to Superintendent’s Video

Recently, the Superintendent posted a video regarding the efforts of Concerned CUSD parents and their petition.

The video is part of an ongoing and systematic effort to disparage the sincere efforts and diminish the significant concerns of parents across the district. Rather than marginalizing parents, a true leader would directly address the petitioner’s concerns.  An effective superintendent would accept oncerns with humility and, without defensiveness or blame, engage in a genuine effort at rebuilding.  This video, in contrast, seeks to demoralize concerned parents and silence legitimate concerns.

Below is our perspective on the assertions made in the video:


  •  the number of parents is small and she hasn’t heard complaints


  • Brave teachers and anxious parents have brought serious concerns and disturbing issues to the board — in writing and in open session since 2014, teachers doing so despite fears of being ‘West Valleyed’ in response
  • Signed petitions: 1200+ signed West Valley, nearly 1000 Luther School, and nearly 1000 the ‘no confidence’
  • Hundreds attended the special West Valley school board meeting, and the Luther Rally

CUSD Concerned Parents:  Join nearly 1000 others who have signed the ‘no confidence’ petition


  •  the process for removing employees from West Valley Elementary was transparent


  •  “It took an inquiry by the Deputy District Attorney for parents to learn that the Board only discussed the action to reconstitute West Valley Elementary in a single closed session June 9…”  Cupertino Patch; even board members hid from the reality of the actions that tore apart West Valley Elementary Mercury News


  •  effort has been made to address teacher complaints raised in the survey
  •  many issues are now “done”, after the latest teaching contract signed




  • all nearby cities are projecting growth. Cupertino will will also grow, in part from the Stevens Creek Urban Village with 3860 housing units, and developments in Santa Clara, both falling into CUSD
  • serious concerns about the report remain unacknowledged and unanswered. The Stevens Creek Urban Village is not even included in the demographers report.
  • CUSD internal email contradicting public demographer statements
  • Demographers report only include projections until 2020 – 4 years from now.
  • Are more and more people leaving the public schools in CUSD to go to private schools? How many parents don’t want their kids attending an elementary school like Stocklmeir with over 1200 students?


   once, was distributed across the district


Articles) in our mailboxes featuring our Superintendent and one of our board members.  Thousands of residents without children received the flyers as well.  Communication between Sandhill owner, and superintendent

Full flyer  – Does anyone else remember the flyer coming more than once?


  •  we are not the only district that requires all volunteers to be fingerprinted


  •  Most school districts do not even mention fingerprinting because they do not sponsor activities where volunteers are unsupervised.  Districts that do have a fingerprinting policy follow the law closely:  they only impose this requirement on volunteers who really will work 1-on-1 with students and exempt parents volunteering in classrooms and field trips supervised by teachers.  

This is spelled out clearly in applicable law statutes

We could go on, but for now we ask you – would you to please send an email to your friends and family.  Let them know what kind of leadership we have in CUSD, and ask them to sign this petition of No Confidence in our Superintendent.

And then, please enjoy Spring Break, and know that good governance is something we’re building together for our families and community.

Links to sites with additional information:

The CUSD Truth – including other documents and information

Save the Luther Website

Links to documents received via public records access requests:

Lease agreements for Luther Site

Communication between CUSD and Developer

Communication CUSD internally

Memo to staff and PR strategic partners about housing project

Sponsors of State of the District

Luther Housing Announcement


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