Why Are Teachers Leaving CUSD?

The topic of teacher housing was first discussed publicly at the March 22, 2015 CUSD Board meeting. After hearing a presentation from Chris Jew (Chief Business Officer), Board members expressed questions they want answered. In the end, they determined there’s one question that must be answered first, before taking further action — “Is there a need for teacher housing?”

An unprecedented number of CUSD teachers have left the District over the past couple of years. In discussing whether teacher departures are due to an inability to afford housing in the local area, the topic of exit interviews came up. Exit interviews are interviews conducted with departing employees, just before they leave. [See video at 50:35 mark.]

Phyllis Vogel:  I can imagine it’s going to be difficult to find out whether people have left our district because they couldn’t live here, because those people are already gone. So, I think that’s going to have to be created in terms of, if we’re going to find out as a part of the need, are we losing people because of housing?

Wendy Gudalewicz:  And we will be able to get that. We will be able to get some of that information because there are exit surveys. So we can have that as a question from the associations around that too, the curiosity around that. And so that’s one of our bring-backs. So, that may help with that conversation.

Immediately following the school board meeting, we heard from numerous teachers that there are no exit interviews. Principals don’t ask teachers why they’re leaving. No one from CUSD Human Resources interviews departing teachers or asks them why they’re leaving. Teachers who resign are simply asked to complete a form.

A Public Records Act request confirmed what the teachers told us — CUSD does not conduct exit interviews of departing teachers. [CUSD Response – Exit Survey]

“As the Superintendent recently mentioned, the District is in the process of developing a more comprehensive employee exit interview/survey process. At this time, however, the District relies on employees voluntarily complete the information on the attached form to gather any information the employee wishes to provide when leaving the District.”

The form is titled “Resignation / Retirement.” The image below captures the question pertaining to departure reason. This question is not intended to learn reasons for a teacher’s departure. It’s designed to only know if the teacher is retiring. [CUSD Resignation_Retirement Form]

resigning reason.PNGIf CUSD doesn’t currently conduct exit interviews, then why did Superintendent Gudalewicz say at the 3/22/15 Board meeting there are exit interviews? Further, if CUSD currently gathers no data that would be helpful in determining why teachers are leaving, then why did Superintendent Gudalewicz tell Phyllis Vogel that some of the “bring-back” information will help in the discussion [on why teachers have left]?

It’s the same pattern of misdirection, deception, and lies exhibited by CUSD Leadership. Help save our schools! Sign the No Confidence Petition and attend the Rally to Support the Teachers and CUSD Board meeting on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 5:30 pm, at Nimitz Elementary!


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