CUSD Board Members Out of Hiding to Run for Reelection

CUSD Board members Josephine Lucey and Phyllis Vogel submitted their candidacy for reelection in November that can be found here. It’s ironic that Ms. Lucey and Ms. Vogel desire to represent the public’s interest when last year at this time they were hiding from the public, as reported by the San Jose Mercury in its article Oh No! An Angry Constituent.

Josephine Lucey has served on the CUSD Board since 2001. A lot has changed in Silicon Valley, in technology, and in education over the past 15 years. It’s time for change.

Phyllis Vogel has served on the CUSD Board since 2007 and has been in education over 50 years. What were classrooms like 50 years ago? It’s time for change.

Cupertino Union School Board has experienced an ongoing backlash from parents and community members due to lack of transparency and governance of District Affairs. Both have recently served as Board President and have been quoted in media multiple times as noted below.

Oh No! An Angry Constituent.

Parents unaware of problems at the high-performing school, wanted answers. Some visited weeping teachers — who were as mystified as parents — as they cleaned out their classrooms, and 20 jointly wrote a July 14 letter asking the school board for a meeting.

President Phyllis Vogel didn’t respond until Aug. 2, saying that she had been traveling. Board Vice President Josephine Lucey also had been out of town, Vogel told IA. Only the president can speak for the board, and she hadn’t designated a surrogate during her absence. Why not?

“I don’t know. I guess it didn’t occur to me,” she said.

Cupertino Schools Dump PR Contract

While it’s not uncommon for school districts to hire PR agents, Voler came on board last August without public discussion or board approval. The district routed the contract through its attorneys Dannis Wolliver Kelley — then claimed attorney-client privilege in response to some records requests. That apparent secrecy further enraged critics.

“The district is wrongly withholding records of the public relations firm,” said Ed Brown, a West Valley parent who has submitted records requests three times.

The school board was fine with the decision to hire Voler.. “It’s an administrative choice,” board President Josephine Lucey said. “It’s not level of detail the board gets down to.”

Cupertino Teachers, Parents Unhappy with Chief

“The school community is worse than ever before,” parent Maggie Pelkey told the board. “People are afraid to speak and the community is very divided.”

It doesn’t appear the board will heed the demands. “The board of trustees stands 100 percent behind Superintendent Gudalewicz, and we are not requesting her resignation,” board President Josephine Lucey wrote IA.

Sunnyvale Parents Hold Rally for Transferred Teachers

Despite the criticism, the school board stands behind the decision, which they say was made in the children’s best interest.

“I liken it to a marriage. If parents are not getting along with each other, they try to hide from the children, but the children always know, and I think that’s true in a school,” school board president Phyllis Vogel said.

“You Can’t Take My Heart Out of West Valley”

White has taught at the school for 14 years, and says she and her fellow teachers were blindsided. They didn’t think the tensions were bad enough for reassignment.

“It doesn’t give any continuity to the children, and we don’t understand how this could possibly be in the best interest of the children,” She said.

School Board President Phyllis Vogel disagrees and says it was the best option for the school. She wouldn’t elaborate on the change, saying it’s a confidential personnel issue.

“This is not anything we would hope to ever do again. It’s way too difficult and painful, but necessary,” Vogel said.

As the articles illustrate, Phyllis Vogel and Josephine Lucey have not acted in the best interests of the public, nor our children’s education. They do not deserve our vote. It’s time for change!

Vote for Liang Chao and Gregory Anderson for CUSD School Board!

Source: “You Can’t Take My Heart Out of West Valley”: Rally Held in Support of Sunnyvale Teachers Reassigned to Other Schools | NBC Bay Area
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