2016 California Assessment Test Scores

The charts below illustrate the 2016 Test Results for English Language Arts / Literacy and Mathematics, by the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, for all CUSD elementary schools.

The chart below illustrates the impact of the West Valley Reconstitution on student achievement, comparing the mean scores for all students in Years 2015 and 2016. Test scores in both 3rd and 4th grades dropped, while 5th grade scores improved.

WV Annual Comparison


As a reminder of 2015 test scores, the charts below illustrate West Valley’s ranking within CUSD for Years 2015 and 2016. The vertical lines in the charts indicate the high and low scores of CUSD elementary schools for each subject. The green boxes indicate West Valley Elementary’s score within the range of highest and lowest scores. For 3rd and 4th grades, West Valley’s ranking within CUSD dropped significantly.

To avoid confusion when comparing 2015-2016 CUSD test ranges, note the scale in test scores varies between charts

2015 WV Scores within CUSD2016 WV Scores within CUSD


The table below contains the 2016 mean scores for all students in CUSD elementary schools.

2016 CUSD Scores Table


The charts below illustrate the 2016 Test Results for the 3rd – 5th grades from the table above. The green horizontal line represents West Valley’s highest score for ease of comparison.

2016 CUSD Third Grade2016 CUSD Fourth Grade2016 CUSD Fifth Grade


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