Cronyism Continues at CUSD

Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz contracts her long-time friends and former business associates for work often performed by District personnel. These consultants enjoy automatic renewal of annual contracts – for over a million dollars combined. None of their contracts resulted from a bidding process; they have been contracted for “Special Services” under Government Code 53060. This provision is intended for specialized services on a temporary basis that cannot be fulfilled by public employees. The legal merits of these ongoing contracts under this provision are questionable. Continue reading


Teachers Endorse Dr. Liang Chao and Dr. Gregory Anderson for CUSD School Board

Teachers across CUSD overwhelmingly voted to endorse the candidacy of Dr. Liang Chao and Dr. Gregory Anderson for School Board. This is significant. The teachers are courageously asking for parents and community members to vote for NEW School Board members to help them do their jobs. Continue reading

District Hides PR Firm Contract (Voler)

Warning: This post contains more information about Voler Strategic Advisors (Voler) than what can be found on their website here.

On 8/27/15, the CUSD Superintendent contracted Voler for public and media relations services through the District’s outside legal counsel, Dannis Woliver Kelley (DWK). The arrangement was to pay Voler via a DWK “Special Retainer” in the monthly amount of $8,500, not to exceed $59,500. Over the past year, the District has repeatedly refused to produce communications between CUSD and Voler in response to PRA requests, claiming “attorney-client privilege.” Due to public outcry, the District ended its round-about relationship with Voler in June and recently executed direct contracts with them. Continue reading