Teachers Endorse Dr. Liang Chao and Dr. Gregory Anderson for CUSD School Board

Teachers across CUSD overwhelmingly voted to endorse the candidacy of Dr. Liang Chao and Dr. Gregory Anderson for School Board. This is significant. The teachers are courageously asking for parents and community members to vote for NEW School Board members to help them do their jobs.

Last year, a survey showed that teachers were overwhelmingly negative about the Superintendent, and the current School Board. For those who haven’t seen the deep divisions between our Superintendent and the teachers she leads, please see the results here:

Teachers Survey from CEA

CEA – Teachers’ Union Survey on this site

The school board grassroots campaign team consists of all volunteers and we can use more of you to help.

Every campaign manager, strategist, outreach coordinator, endorsement coordinator, treasurer, event host, and EVERYONE is a community and parent volunteer–investing their heart and intellect into this massive team effort. We need your support, too.

Volunteering for one small thing would help greatly.

For more information:



Let’s vote for change to save our schools!


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