CUSD Administrative Overhead Soars

The CUSD District Office is suffering from severe bloat, as the number of administrative staff and their salaries have sharply increased since the Superintendent’s arrival in 2012. Various committees and Public Records Act requests have asked for organizational charts, position descriptions, and movement of personnel. But it’s like a shell game. Responsibilities and personnel are moved around to the extent that publicized “administrative cuts” are merely shifting costs rather than reducing costs. There appear to be endless layers of coordinators / analysts / Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA) within the District. Many of these personnel are funded by LCAP dollars, which have padded the District budget over the last several years. The vast majority of these positions are not front line, touching students in the classrooms or providing services on-site at our schools.

To obscure the number of administrative staff, the District often aggregates headcount by certificated, non-certificated, and administrative personnel. This method is deceiving because not all certificated employees are actually in the classroom such as TOSA.

Over the past several years, select individuals have enjoyed accelerated promotions and salary increases. One example is the District’s Communication Manager, who in July 2013 was promoted to Chief Information Officer – seemingly skipping several rungs in the organizational ladder. (Update: This staffer abruptly resigned recently). Salary inflation is difficult to discern when looking only at a single district. According to, over a 2-year period Cupertino Union had the highest percent increase in amount spent on Administrative and Supervisors’ Salaries, at 36%, compared to other local districts, including Evergreen, Saratoga, Los Altos, Los Gatos and Sunnyvale.



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