More Info on WV Teacher Transfers

In June 2015, all teachers and staff were transferred involuntarily from West Valley Elementary, despite no evidence of wrongdoing. This drastic action marked the first time in U.S. history that a high-performing school was reconstituted. Neither the Superintendent nor Board of Trustees provided justification – other than “tensions” among teachers, staff, and some parents. 

The District at the time – and to this day – blames the teachers union (CEA) for forcing the wholesale transfer. The District’s position has been that they merely wanted to transfer a few teachers, while allowing others to reapply for their jobs. CEA has claimed the District planned all along to transfer everyone, and the interviews were a hoax. Absent the truth, divisions within the community linger.

Recently, more emails have surfaced to suggest the District did plan to transfer everyone. These emails came from Phyllis Vogel, CUSD Board President at the time. Her responses to a parent’s questions long after the reconstitution reveal the decision for “a very large change” was made following the 6/2/15 HSD facilitation and that CEA was only “informed” of the decision. Plus, her responses contradict the Superintendent’s messaging. [Here’s the full email.]

20190919_PVogel_Response to WV.png


See below for Phyllis Vogel’s response to Dave Villafana’s email (CEA President) on 7/18/15, where she seemed to acknowledge his version of events.dvillafana-to-pvogel_20150618


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