Superintendent Assumes Control

It is well documented policy that current Board members have delegated their authority to the Superintendent for all district affairs. The email thread below illustrates the Superintendent not only exercising that authority, but also assuming responsibility for roles assigned to her executive staff. What’s going on?

Any manager, especially when faced with a crisis, may take actions considered to be neurotic. Issues arise when the manager’s compulsive efforts to gain control, perfection, or independence become a habitual pattern of response to every perceived threat – big or small. Such a managerial style creates a fearful and toxic work environment and is harmful to individuals and organizations alike.

Read from the bottom – up.





One thought on “Superintendent Assumes Control

  1. I don’t know who you are, but I’m glad you’re documenting all of this. Your blog is a good resource. . I don’t see any blogs about what Wendy is doing with the ELD students and how that will severely impact all other students’ learning. When the ELD centers were closed, the sensible thing to do, in line with many other districts’ practices, would have been to have those trained, ELD teachers become resources specialists at each of the CUSD schools. Instead, classroom teachers are undergoing a meagre five days of training, and then will be required to tutor ELD students for one half hour per day. They are not allowed to use the ELD materials in a “whole class” setting — basically, the rest of the students have to sit quietly and do independent work, while the classroom teacher tutors the ELD student, or students in his or her class. Thus the whole class, except the ELD student, or students, loses out on 30 minutes of instruction every day. If there are two levels of ELD ( beginning, and intermediate) the teacher will have to conduct two DIFFERENT half hour ELD lessons, and the rest of the class will lose out on one hour of instruction a day. The district’s “answer” to this is for teachers to peddle faster, and to “share” ELD students between classes. However it’s done, it’s cheating the ELD students of having a fully -trained ELD specialist work with them, and it’s cheating all the rest of the students in each class of two and a half to five hours a week of instruction from their teacher. Wendy hired 27 “IST” staff two ago, a position meant to “help” teachers that was totally useless, instead of putting that money into ELD resource specialists. Again, another example of how little she care about students or teachers.


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