Why Teachers Endorse Liang Chao & Gregory Anderson

When residents don’t have school-aged children, often times they aren’t familiar with many of the issues within the school district. CUSD residents have likely heard about an issue from their neighbors or when an issue has garnered a lot of media attention, for example: teacher housing at Luther school site, petitions to oust the Superintendent; or secretive public relations firm hired by the district. But nearly everyone has heard about the West Valley Reconstitution in 2015 — the involuntary transfer of all teachers and staff from the school without justification.

Many residents still ask: “Who are these people who did that? How did they explain it to the teachers?” To see for yourself,… the video below is an extract from the CUSD Board meeting on September 15, 2015.

Board member Josephine Lucey addresses the teachers who were involuntarily transferred:

“You have to decide if your glass is half-empty or half-full. If your glass is half-empty, you dwell on the classroom you used to have, the friendship you had with the teacher next door, and the parent relationship you built over the years….”

“Change is really hard when it’s not by individual choice.”

“You, and you alone, have the ability to choose whether to be happy or not. I can’t help you with that.”

“As adults, we have to model behavior for our students in how we resolve conflict.”

As the audience is having none of it, Board President Phyllis Vogel chimes in:

“It’s the Board’s turn to speak. You’ve had your chance.”

And there you have it, folks. Our incumbent Board members speaking from their hearts.

The blatant disregard for West Valley teachers was a recurring theme leading up to their announced transfer and thereafter. Teachers and staff were robbed of their dignity, self-esteem, confidence, happiness, and quality of life. The blanket indictment they received with virtually no evidence of wrongdoing was unconscionable.


One thought on “Why Teachers Endorse Liang Chao & Gregory Anderson

  1. This superintendent and the board are ruining a once stellar district with changes and decisions that do nothing for the students, and only benefit higher-ups in the admin. Good teachers are fleeing or crushed with stress. She and her lap-dog board members need to go.

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