Shameful Behavior by CUSD Board

Dr. Liang Chao and Dr. Gregory Anderson are running a grassroots campaign to replace Josephine Lucey and Phyllis Vogel on the CUSD Board of Trustees.

Elsewhere in the community, the Vallco redevelopment project sponsored by Sand Hill Properties is heating up. Supporters of Vallco redevelopment are attacking local school board and city council candidates who are not unconditionally pro-growth. They have gone so far as to create fake news about candidates and post to social media sites.

The video below, smearing Liang Chao, was posted to Facebook and YouTube. Note that two current CUSD Board members – Phyllis Vogel and Anjali Kausar – “Liked” the video, effectively endorsing dirty politics. Despicable behavior for current CUSD Board members! How are we to believe that Ms. Kausar or Ms. Vogel will work cooperatively with Liang if she wins in next month’s election?



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