Call for Anjali Kausar’s Resignation

The letter below calling for Anjali Kausar’s resignation due to a conflict of interest was sent to the CUSD Board. Download the entire letter here. Sign the petition here.

Date:         January 30, 2017

To:             Cupertino Union School District Board of Education
Subject:    Call for Anjali Kausar’s Resignation from the CUSD Board of Trustees

Dear President Kausar and Members of the Board: Continue reading


Conflict of Interest on CUSD Board

The ethical obligation of CUSD Board of Education member Anjali Kausar to serve the public interest must not be compromised by competing responsibilities to special interest groups, nor by her position as the CEO of the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce.  To eliminate conflicts of interests from these conflicting positions, we call upon Anjali Kausar to step down from her position on the CUSD Board of Education.

Help us clean up the CUSD Board of Trustees. Please sign the Petition calling on Ms. Kausar’s immediate resignation: