County Superintendent Responds

Santa Clara County Superintendent, Jon Gundry, responded to a community member’s request for an extraordinary audit of CUSD. Read the report that was submitted here . Read Mr. Gundry’s response here.

Here are a few paragraphs from the County Superintendent’s response letter:

“With that said, Ms. Jones did review the specific allegations regarding employee reimbursements, travel expenditures, district-issued credit cards, vendor contracts, and administrative staff increases. Almost the entire complaint involved matters of Board Policy and opinions on best practices, none of which warrant an extraordinary audit.
Ms. Jones did review tracking documentation for travel expenses, including meal reimbursements. There was evidence that an error was made and later corrected, but there was no evidence of fraud. Ms. Jones also reviewed documentation regarding alleged conflict of interest in awarding and administering vendor contracts. She concluded that the contracts were all administered in accordance with the terms of each\ contract. She also did not find any evidence of conflict of interest on the part of Superintendent Gudalewicz.

Finally, embedded in your complaint are alleged violations of the Public Records Act and the Brown Act. Since it is not unusual for these concerns to be brought to my attention, I want to be sure you understand that enforcement of the PRA and the Brown Act are not within my purview. Alleged violations of these two Acts should be taken first to your local school board; and if you believe they are not dealt with at that level, you can make a report to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

Please know that your concerns were taken very seriously, and those that fell within my jurisdiction were investigated thoroughly. I appreciate your commitment to transparency, accountability, and good governance; and I encourage you to continue this dialog with your local school board.”


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