Superintendent’s Performance Evaluation

At the 2/14/17 CUSD Board meeting, a community member delivered the remarks below during the Public Comments section for items on the agenda. At that meeting, the Board reviewed Superintendent Gudalewicz’s performance during a closed session.

President Kausar and Members of the Board:

I am providing input for Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz’s performance evaluation. Superintendent Gudalewicz’s leadership style is the antithesis of what I’ve learned about effective leadership from my years in corporate and from serving at the Pentagon and NATO while in the U.S. Army. In today’s military, the Superintendent’s behavior would be characterized as “destructive” and “toxic.”

Over the past 2 years, our community has experienced one crisis after another brought on by this Superintendent. West Valley Reconstitution. Shortage of Special Education teachers. Finger-printing parents. Housing at Luther School site. Police at Lincoln.

In every crisis, the Superintendent has exhibited the same destructive behaviors. She denies responsibility for any action or event that results in an undesirable outcome. She routinely employs a “divide and conquer” strategy, deliberately creating tension to divide teachers and parents. She frequently makes unilateral decisions that affect many people’s lives without consulting them first. She believes everyone with a dissenting view is “out to get her.” And when dealing with the public, she simultaneously presents herself as victim and victor. Using her PR firm as a weapon, the Superintendent devalues and undermines anyone she perceives as a threat.

The current oath debacle is the last straw. Once again, the Superintendent is taking no responsibility and trying to blame another school district for her own malfeasance. She says she didn’t know that extra words were added in the oath. C’mon! No one believes that. How many oaths has the Superintendent administered or recited in her career? She knows the standard oath in the state constitution.

And we all know what’s in the U.S. constitution. The First Amendment. Freedom of speech and the right to petition the government. The facts and evidence in this case do not support the Superintendent’s version of the story. I believe that Superintendent Gudalewicz added the extra words to the oath in an attempt to censor, intimidate, and silence her critics. By coercing Liang Chao to swear to advocate for the Board majority, the Superintendent was also attempting to silence the 22,478 residents who voted for Liang Chao and her message of change.

It’s an absolute abuse of authority and abuse of process that Superintendent Gudalewicz imposed her own will unknowingly on the newly elected board members. For this, and so many other transgressions, the Superintendent should be held accountable.

The empire of a destructive leader will fall. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Tonight I’m calling on you to immediately terminate Superintendent Gudalewicz on the grounds of Dishonesty as stated in section 87732(b) of the Education Code.


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