Video of Board’s Announcement

On March 14, 2017, the CUSD Board met in closed session during a regular board meeting for “Item 3.5 – Public Employees Discipine/Dismissal/Release.” According to the agenda found here, the Board was to report from closed session prior to the start of the open session scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm. Closed session agenda items were not completed by 6 pm, however, so Board members returned to the room to begin the open session portion of the meeting.

Following a very long public meeting, Board members reconvened in closed session. At nearly midnight, they returned to the room and made the announcement that a decision had been made to release Superintendent Gudalewicz from her contract. Here’s a video of the Board’s announcment:

According to the Brown Act (GC Section 54957.1(a)), the Board must report on any action taken during closed session including the vote or absention on the action. We could assume from the Board President’s omission of the vote that the decision to dismiss Superintendent Gudalewicz was unanimous. Board President later confirmed the unanimous decision in an email to BayAreaNews – story found here.


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