Sayonara, Wendy Gudalewicz!


Hasta la vista


Superintendent Released, But Why Now?

The CUSD Board announced on March 15th that a decision had been made to release Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz from her contract. A previous post found here listed many of the Superintendent’s lapses in judgment that contributed to her dismissal. Yes, but why now? Superintendent Gudalewicz has been criticized by parents and community members for a long time, while the Board has steadfastly stood behind her. Why now? Continue reading

Video of Board’s Announcement

On March 14, 2017, the CUSD Board met in closed session during a regular board meeting for “Item 3.5 – Public Employees Discipine/Dismissal/Release.” According to the agenda found here, the Board was to report from closed session prior to the start of the open session scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm. Closed session agenda items were not completed by 6 pm, however, so Board members returned to the room to begin the open session portion of the meeting. Continue reading

CA Supreme Court Favors Transparency

The California Supreme Court ruled on March 2, 2017 that “the public has a right to access emails and text messages about government business on the private phones and accounts of state and local officials and employees” according to a news story found here. In this landmark case of City of San Jose v. Superior Court (Smith), the high court ruled these private communications are subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act. Continue reading