Superintendent Gudalewicz’s Contract Terminated

The letter below was sent to the CUSD community this morning.

WG termination letter


Dishonesty: Grounds for Termination

CUSD Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz was recently caught administering an oath of office that contained extra words during the swearing-in ceremony for newly elected Board members, Liang Chao and Phyllis Vogel. Since the revelation was made public, Superintendent Gudalewicz has denied her responsibility and has attempted to cover-up any wrongdoing.

The facts and evidence in this case do not support Superintendent Gudalewicz’s version of the events. Read for youself… Continue reading

CUSD’s Ties to Vallco Developers

Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz and several Board members have been linked to Vallco Development in Cupertino. This document here explains Cupertino education leaders’ web of connections both locally and as far away as Abu Dhabi with big developers who are trying to influence our elections. Conflicts of interest at every turn including CUSD Board member, Anjali Kauser, who is also CEO of Cupertino Chamber of  Commerce and a strong supporter of Vallco and Measure D.  Continue reading

Why Are Teachers Leaving CUSD?

The topic of teacher housing was first discussed publicly at the March 22, 2015 CUSD Board meeting. After hearing a presentation from Chris Jew (Chief Business Officer), Board members expressed questions they want answered. In the end, they determined there’s one question that must be answered first, before taking further action — “Is there a need for teacher housing?” Continue reading

Rebuttal to Superintendent’s Video

Recently, the Superintendent posted a video regarding the efforts of Concerned CUSD parents and their petition.

The video is part of an ongoing and systematic effort to disparage the sincere efforts and diminish the significant concerns of parents across the district. Rather than marginalizing parents, a true leader would directly address the petitioner’s concerns.  An effective superintendent would accept oncerns with humility and, without defensiveness or blame, engage in a genuine effort at rebuilding.  This video, in contrast, seeks to demoralize concerned parents and silence legitimate concerns. Continue reading