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CUSD “Doctored” Oath

Dishonesty: Grounds for Termination

Superintendent Explains Oath Debacle

Board Member Conflict of Interest

Call for Anjali Kausar’s Resignation

Anjali Kausar’s Conflicts Confronted

Anjali Kausar Ignores Suggestion

Anjali Kausar Explains Conflicts

FPPC Investigates Anjali Kausar

CUSD Teachers Are Unhappy

CEA – Teachers’ Union Survey

Superintendent Responds To Teacher Survey

Why Are Teachers Leaving CUSD?

Financial Mismanagement

CUSD Reported to County Superintendent

CUSD Administrative Overhead Soars

Cronyism Continues at CUSD

Excessive Use of District-Issued Credit Cards

District Hides PR Firm Contract (Voler)

Superintendent’s Local Dining Habits

Secret Board Meetings (Brown Act Violations)

CUSD Brown Act Violations Notice

CUSD Cease and Desist Letter

Brown Act Violations – DA’s Response

CUSD Response to Cease and Desist Letter

Community Turmoil (No Confidence in Board and Superintendent)

CUSD in Crisis!

CUSD Petition of No Confidence

Save Luther School Site Rally

Luther School Site – What Is the Truth?

CUSD Fingerprinting Policy May Be Unconstitutional

Superintendent Highlights Issues in Video

Rebuttal to Superintendent’s Video

West Valley Involuntary Reassignment of Teachers (Reconstitution)

More Info on WV Teacher Transfers

West Valley Reconstitution

Highlights From Special Board Meeting

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