Superintendent’s Performance Evaluation

At the 2/14/17 CUSD Board meeting, a community member delivered the remarks below during the Public Comments section for items on the agenda. At that meeting, the Board reviewed Superintendent Gudalewicz’s performance during a closed session.

President Kausar and Members of the Board: Continue reading


FPPC Investigates Anjali Kausar

A community member recently filed a formal complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) against CUSD Board President Anjali Kausar for failure to disclose her economic interests and failure to recuse herself from participating in governmental decisions pertaining to those interests.

After an initial review of the complaint, the FPPC has decided to investigate the allegation as shown in the letter below. Details of the complaint submitted are outlined here. Continue reading

Superintendent Explains Oath Debacle

At the 2/14/17 CUSD Board meeting, Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz spent considerable time during her report explaining the oath debacle. Here is a video segment of the Superintendent’s explanation. It’s 20 minutes, but worth watching. The feeble, compliant performance of Anjali Kausar, Phyllis Vogel, and Soma McCandless is unnerving. This is an open discussion. It is where Board members are supposed to ask questions of the Superintendent on behalf of the public. Yet, their focus is on defending the Superintendent from Liang Chao’s attempts at transparency and accountability. Continue reading

Anjali Kausar Ignores Suggestion

At the 2/14/17 CUSD Board meeting, Anjali Kausar experienced a melt-down from the community’s challenge to her reported conflicts of interest. The following day, a community member sent the email below to Ms. Kausar in an attempt to help with the situation. It appears from Ms. Kausar’s response that she has no interest in resolving the matter expeditiously, which certainly is in the best interest of CUSD students and schools. Continue reading

Anjali Kausar’s Conflicts Confronted

At the 2/14/17 CUSD Board meeting, a community member delivered the remarks below during the public comments section. What transpired, thereafter, was remarkable. Anjali Kausar, Board President, lost her composure and control of the meeting. First, she rudely interrupted the speaker for mispronouncing her name. Then Ms. Kausar didn’t let the speaker finish and abruptly interjected, “I’m going to ask you to stop. I know I’m going to divert from what we have done in the past, but I’m going to respond to what you just said.” The crowd erupted in boos because the Board is not, by law, allowed to respond to public comments for items not on the agenda.  Continue reading

Dishonesty: Grounds for Termination

CUSD Superintendent Wendy Gudalewicz was recently caught administering an oath of office that contained extra words during the swearing-in ceremony for newly elected Board members, Liang Chao and Phyllis Vogel. Since the revelation was made public, Superintendent Gudalewicz has denied her responsibility and has attempted to cover-up any wrongdoing.

The facts and evidence in this case do not support Superintendent Gudalewicz’s version of the events. Read for youself… Continue reading